ADSG Invests in Kirkpatrick Certification for Employees

ADSG invests in Kirkpatrick Certification for its employees

The Abu Dhabi School of Government (ADSG) is investing in Kirkpatrick Certification for their employees to demonstrate their commitment to performance and results.

Mohammed Gheyath, Acting Director-General of ADSG commented, “As the programme focuses on the exploration of how to ensure that what is learned transfers to on-the-job behaviours, this programme is an exciting development opportunity that will facilitate for the internal certification of all participants and will help participants link the results achieved at each level to establish the big picture outcome. 

“The programme will also empower participants to work as a key internal business partner that is aligned with the visions and missions of their organisations and key stakeholders, and will facilitate the growth of key insights in learning effectiveness, learning evaluation and strategic thinking in evaluation.”

As the leading platform for enhancing competencies and human capital in the emirate, the ADSG, part of the Department of Government Support, is responsible for creating and developing training courses based on the best international practices that are in line with the needs, vision, and aspirations of Abu Dhabi. It is therefore no surprise they have invested in Kirkpatrick certification at ADSG.

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