FREE WEBINAR: Do You Have The Resources You Need For Key Program Success?

people meeting to discuss resources needed for program success

Are you struggling to get the support you need from stakeholders and managers for your programs to be successful? If so, you are not alone. This free webinar will address the core challenges faced worldwide by learning and development professionals in getting a seat at the table, and securing the resources they need throughout the training and development process.

Join Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick and Wendy Kayser Kirkpatrick for this interactive discussion. You will learn concepts that will get you thinking and acting in new, more strategic ways. You will come away from this action-packed hour armed to increase your interaction with stakeholders and drive program success. Transform yourself from a cost center to a trusted partner. 


  • Explain the starting point for any successful initiative
  • Define where the most value is created in the training and development process
  • Identify specific ways you can increase your value in the eyes of stakeholders

This event was recorded live on Tuesday, May 9, 2023.

Watch the recording and download the handout

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