How to Build Connections That Will Influence Your Career

I try every day to emulate his core value that connections are the key to personal and professional meaning and success. I strongly urge you to do the same. In the Kirkpatrick world, we call this building bridges. Every person who reads this message has opportunities to build connections:

His love for creating meaningful connections did not stop with family. Over the decades, he somehow was able to connect a simple, elegant model – the four levels – to people all over the world. The model is thriving today in part due to his efforts to create passion for the four levels, and the gracious sharing of best practices from country to country. 

As I was growing up, I was fortunate to have an excellent role model to learn the science and art of connecting. My dad has four brothers; thus, our family grew up spending a lot of time with our cousins. I can still hear the voices of many of them, “Let’s go find Uncle Don. He will surely come up with a game for all of us to play.” And he would. He had the uncanny ability to organize family members of all ages to enjoy any manner of sports activities or extended family outings. 

First, let me say that I think the biggest challenge and threat to the Learning and Development industry is failing to connect with the business. We are generally horrible at demonstrating our value to the business at the back end of major initiatives, and not much better at inspiring business leaders to champion our efforts at the front.  

Connecting Is Key

I am thankful that I have wise and caring colleagues and friends who help me find answers, or at least partial answers. Frequently, I turn to the writings, shadows and memories of my dad for advice. As I reflect back on his life and passing, he is still teaching and helping me. I thought it would be fitting for me to share a couple of those lessons with you.

These days, I am often faced with issues related to the four levels and life in general that require guidance. While it has been three years since I last saw my dad, it has only been three days since I last talked to him. 

It may be through developing a new process that facilitates cross-function cooperation. Or, it might simply take the form of initiating more meaningful conversations with our colleagues.

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