Kirkpatrick Partners Names Vanessa Alzate As New Leader

Vanessa Alzate, president of Kirkpatrick Partners

We are excited to announce Vanessa Alzate as our new President and 100% shareholder.

Alzate replaces Wendy Kirkpatrick, who founded Kirkpatrick Partners in 2008 and has served as President since its inception. Alzate plans to honor and continue the Kirkpatrick legacy while keeping it relevant through new product development and brand growth.

Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick and Wendy Kirkpatrick remain actively involved in the business as contract consultants. They are both very excited about the enhancements Alzate will bring to the company and the brand. “Vanessa’s training industry knowledge, entrepreneurial experience, and knack for connecting people make her the ideal leader for Kirkpatrick Partners. With Vanessa’s leadership we are excited about the evolution of the Kirkpatrick brand.” said Jim Kirkpatrick.

The Kirkpatrick Partners office and staff in Newnan, GA remain intact so there will be no changes or disruption of company programs and services.

Alzate is the proud owner and president of Anchored Training, a cutting-edge instructional design agency specializing in consulting, done-for-you development, and staff augmentation. Her extensive experience has shaped her into an exceptional leader in the realm of Learning & Development (L&D) and a prominent Latina speaker featured at conferences for Training Magazine, the Association for Talent Development, and the Learning Guild.

Alzate’s passion for her work is undeniable as she envisions the powerful synergy between Anchored Training and Kirkpatrick Partners. An innate connector and relationship builder, she leaves an indelible mark wherever she ventures. Armed with a B.A. from Rutgers University, a master’s degree from Northeastern University, and over 14 years of instructional design experience, Alzate is very much looking forward to bringing her expertise to Kirkpatrick Partners and furthering the brand.

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