How to Measure DEI Training

Tragic headlines continue to put diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at the forefront and reinforce the urgency and importance of true change in these areas.

Are you struggling with exactly how to develop a DEI approach and ensure its success? We can help.

First, you need to know that DEI is not a class, program, or initiative. It is a process and system of integrating new metrics and practices into how your organization does its work. To learn more about how to create and evaluate a DEI initiative that works, read our T+D Magazine cover story.

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We can help you to create a DEI program plan that will work. The time-tested Kirkpatrick Model forms the framework for the success of any initiative. Learn how to create a plan in Kirkpatrick bronze level certification.

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If attending training isn’t going to be possible for you, pick up a copy of our latest book for guidance.