T+D Magazine Features Kirkpatrick DEI Approach as Cover Story

Kirkpatrick Partners is honored to have our article on how to structure and evaluate a successful diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiative featured on the cover of T+D Magazine.

DEI topics have been in the news, and it is important for every organization to actively create a safe, comfortable, fair, and productive workplace for all employees. These initiatives are mission-critical.

Kirkpatrick Partners was fortunate to partner with two DEI experts in writing the piece, Crystal Kadakia and Maria Morukian.

Says Kadakia, “The key is to recognize that DEI is a long-term journey and that we cannot cram all our goals into one program.  Then, we become more prepared and confident to affect change because we can focus on this program and the impact it will seek to have.”

Morukian voices her agreement that DEI is more than just a training program. She says, “No one person in an organization should own DEI, and it can’t just be punted to human resources, although HR plays a critical role in helping the organization achieve strategic DEI goals. DEI efforts require active and visible support from leadership, engagement from across the organization, and accountability at all levels.”

We wanted to provide a starting point for training professionals who need to create training that addresses DEI needs. The Kirkpatrick Model provides a time-tested framework to leverage and validate all parts of a successful DEI initiative,” says Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick, Chief Vision Officer for Kirkpatrick Partners.

To read the article, visit the ATD website.

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