The Impact of Don Kirkpatrick’s Legacy: The Central Arizona Project

May 18, 2016

Last week, we discussed the success factors and recommendations that came out of the Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Analysis conducted for the Central Arizona Project.

This final installment of the two-part series will describe the progress that the CAP team has made, highlighting how powerful Don Kirkpatrick’s legacy can be. 

The Central Arizona Project team has implemented many of the recommendations that resulted from the Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Analysis. These implementations and the subsequent progress include:

  • 1:1 conversations have occurred with key manager clients to discuss Centralized Learning and Development (CLD) capabilities and purpose.
  • Currently, a Managers University and Executive Institute are in development and will be rolled out by the end of 2016.
  • An evaluation strategy has been developed and is in use for Level 3 Behaviors and Level 4 Results.
  • A foundational evaluation tool has been developed and is in use by CLD staff to measure and collect Levels 3 and 4 data.
  • Later in 2016, CLD will present to a joint Manager/Supervisor meeting the results of the Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Analysis audit. It will highlight their capabilities and set expectations for their roles in the L&D process.
  • A CLD Strategy statement was developed and will be communicated throughout the organization starting in April 2016:

To drive performance in alignment with the Internal Strategic Plan and the Big 5 Goals to sustain a healthy work environment that maximizes organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

CLD will increase the knowledge, skills, and abilities of all CAP employees through the collaborative development and delivery of targeted training initiatives that will: (1) Drive Personal and Organizational Development (POD), (2) support a strong safety culture, and (3) administer the Apprenticeship Programs.

Through these achievements, Centralized Learning and Development contributes to CAP being valued as a trusted steward of Arizona’s water.

Bonnie Stone, head of the CLD at the Central Arizona Project, had this to say about the experience with the Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Analysis, “This process has been more impactful on CLD than we initially thought. It has provided us with tools and directions to move us forward in a systematic fashion that is attainable. We have enjoyed our work with Kirkpatrick Partners because they are just that, partners always willing to listen and give guidance and support. They were easy and supportive to work alongside. We felt we were making friends, not being audited. We look forward to our continued partnership with them.”

Don Kirkpatrick envisioned that the four levels model would first be used to better train others. He hoped it would subsequently improve the way people do their work and contribute to the goals of their organization. The Central Arizona Project team leveraged recommendations from the Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Analysis to adapt their work within the four levels in order to contribute to CAP’s mission. Don’s legacy not only impacted their current environment, but will be continued throughout their work in the future.  

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