Training Strategy Mistake #1: Failing to Build Tactical and Strategic Bridges to the Business

Thank you to the hundreds of readers who responded to last week’s training strategy mistakes quiz. If you missed it, click here to take it before reading on.

The first question asked which of the Kirkpatrick levels training professionals should focus the most resources on accomplishing.

Read on to see how everyone responded, and what this has to do with building strategic bridges to the business.

The majority of you (39%) believe that training professionals should focus the most resources on accomplishing Kirkpatrick Levels 3 and 4. Another 36% of you thought that all four levels deserve equal focus.

We agree with the majority and are pleased that so few respondents selected Level 1 and/or 2 as deserving the most resources. While Levels 1 and 2 are important and necessary, training professionals who focus their efforts here and essentially disappear after training will likely find themselves in jeopardy when asked to show the value of their training to the business.

Training professionals who have built tactical and strategic bridges to the business know that what occurs at Levels 3 and 4 is what truly influences the highest level results of the organization. We recommend spending the majority of your resources there.

So how do you determine what the business really wants? You must strive for open communication and partnership between training and the business. If business stakeholders have not invited you to their table to engage in this partnership, then try inviting them to your table

Once you have determined what stakeholders want and what will most positively influence the highest level result of the organization, then you can build your programs with that information in mind and begin applying these tips for making the jump from Level 2 Learning to Level 3 Behavior.

Join us next week as we address Training Strategy Mistake #2: Misapplying Kirkpatrick’s Level 3 Behavior.

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