Training Strategy Mistake #4: Misapplying Kirkpatrick’s Level 4 Results

If you missed the training strategy mistakes quiz, click here to take it before reading on.

We asked about isolating the impact of training, and found that we actually disagree with the majority of survey respondents.

Read on to find out why.

The specific true/false item in our quiz read:
“Isolating the impact of training programs is nearly impossible, as well as counterproductive.”

73% of respondents marked this as false. At Kirkpatrick Partners, however, we agree with the other 27% of you who believe this statement is true.

Consider the importance of aligning training with the highest organizational goals. When a direct link exists between your training programs and the organization’s key initiatives, this means that business partners should have a vested interest in training. You are all working as a team toward the same desired outcomes, so adopting a silo mentality and attempting to isolate any one function’s contribution becomes counterproductive.

In addition to beginning with the end results in mind, here are some other fast and easy ways to get to Kirkpatrick Levels 3 and 4.

When you use our practical ideas for getting involved in on-the-job performance, isolating the impact of training becomes even less likely and desirable. Training and the business ideally will begin to share roles and responsibilities for post-training accountability. Managers will be on board with what was learned during training so that they can provide a supportive environment in which training participants can apply those learnings.   

In addition, when you have your radar on after training, you may pick up on obstacles in the way of reaching the highest level mission of the organization. In such cases, you will work with stakeholders and supervisors to determine root causes and implement appropriate interventions. Again, this team effort requires breaking away from an isolationist mentality.

Join us next week as we address Training Strategy Mistake #5: Providing Stakeholders with Flimsy Evidence of Value.

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