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Kirkpatrick Four Levels®Evaluation Certification Program – Silver Level

Introducing the Kirkpatrick® Silver Certification Program, your next step towards mastering the Kirkpatrick Model, the world’s leading evaluation methodology.

Designed for professionals ready to elevate their skills, this program offers a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding and practical application of evaluation principles, while fostering strategic partnerships with key stakeholders for maximum impact.

Throughout the Silver Program, participants will engage in dynamic activities and discussions, focusing on key objectives:

  • Establishing meaningful relationships with key business stakeholders to ensure alignment and support for evaluation initiatives.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to develop a comprehensive Blended Evaluation Plan® that demonstrates value and positively impacts key organizational results.
  • Analyzing evaluation data during program implementation and making informed adjustments to optimize return on expectations.
  • Crafting compelling reports or presentations that effectively communicate the program’s value to stakeholders, fostering buy-in and support.



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Central to the program is the utilization of The Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Model, which guides learners through the integration of business partnerships, data analysis, and return on expectations within their evaluation efforts. The structured course plan delivers timed content, allowing participants to navigate seamlessly through the model and understand how the Four Levels of Evaluation fit into their implementation strategies.

Program Overview:

FORMAT:This program is available in person and live online. Duration: 1 full day in person or 2 live-online sessions

INVESTMENT:$1295. Unlock savings of $300 off most sessions when you register 45 or more days in advance. Enjoy additional discounts for group, government, military, and charitable/ humanitarian organizations. Pricing may vary.

CLASS SIZE:To make sure you get the personalized attention you deserve and ample opportunities to participate, we’ve capped the number of participants for each session.

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Join us on this transformative journey to master the Kirkpatrick Model and become a catalyst for organizational success. Enroll in the Kirkpatrick® Silver Certification Program and unlock the full potential of your evaluation skills today.


What Kirkpatrick Customers are Saying


Can I obtain the Kirkpatrick Certified status without taking the program or test out of these programs and receive certification based on my past education and/or experience?

Unfortunately, no. Like any degree or credential, completing the program is the key to proudly calling yourself Kirkpatrick Certified.

If I want to become Kirkpatrick Certified, do I need to complete the bronze, strategic evaluation planning, silver, and gold levels?

Nope! You can start with just the Bronze Program certification. Thousands of professionals have done this worldwide and successfully applied what they learned. But remember that you can always add your Silver, and Gold Program certifications whenever you’re ready!

Can I take strategic evaluation planning and/or silver certification immediately following bronze?

Absolutely! If you have a solid background in training evaluation, feel free to dive right into KSEP or the Silver Program when you finish Bronze. Just keep in mind that some of the activities in the Silver Program overlap with the Bronze Program activities.

Do I need to earn bronze level certification before silver level certification?

Yes, you’ll need to complete the Bronze program first. Once you’ve aced that one, feel free to take it to the next level with the Silver Program!

Is there a time limit to complete silver level certification?

Nope! We offer support for a full year after the live sessions end, but take as long as you need to wrap up the last assignment. We’re committed to making sure everyone who invests in the Silver Program earns their well-deserved certification.

Do I need to use the same program for the final projects to earn bronze and silver certification?

Not at all! Once you’ve earned Bronze Program certification, feel free to use any program you like to earn Silver Program certification. If you switch things up, be sure to fill out a Kirkpatrick Blended Evaluation Plan® for the program, and then dive into the handy tools you get in the Silver Program.

What if the program I am using as the basis for earning silver level certification changes, is moving too slowly, or gets cancelled?

No problem. Feel free to adapt your Silver Program process to fit the real-world twists and turns that come up. If the program is canceled or your work responsibilities shift, you can change it up and select a different program for the basis of earning Silver Program certification at any time.

Is the final project for silver completed individually or in a group?

It’s up to you! You can complete the final project for the Silver Program certification as an individual or in a small group. Generally, we cap the group size at eight participants, but you’re welcome to bring in helping hands from your organization to work on the project as non-certification participants.

Does attending these programs certify me to teach the Kirkpatrick methodology?

Not quite. Attending these programs won’t turn you into a certified Kirkpatrick methodology teacher. What they will do is certify you to use the licensed Kirkpatrick templates and materials within your own organization. If you belong to a larger organization of 100 or more people, we also offer a train-the-trainer program to train internally.

How do I register now and pay later, or how do I obtain an invoice?

No sweat! When registering, just click the “pay with invoice” option at the bottom of the second page. You’ll have 20 days from the invoice date to pay, or until 5 business days before the program begins, whichever comes first. We gladly accept credit cards, checks, and electronic funds transfer.

How do we get the group discount price if we register separately?

Piece of cake! If you have three or more people from the same organization, they’re free to register individually and still enjoy the group discount. Just give us a shout, and we’ll send you a promotional code to use at registration.

What if I register and need to reschedule or cancel?

Don’t worry. We understand that life sometimes throws you curveballs. Plans can change at a moment’s notice, and emergencies often pop up out of nowhere. Just be sure to review our cancellation policy to explore your options, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions. We’re here to help!


Whether you are new to the training industry or a seasoned veteran, get access to the newest Kirkpatrick free resources and stay current on the latest trends in training evaluation and business partnership.


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