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Whether you are new to the training industry or a seasoned veteran, visit here often to access the newest Kirkpatrick free resources. Stay current on the latest trends in training evaluation and business partnership.

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The Kirkpatrick Blog offers a wealth of insights and expertise for professionals aiming to enhance their learning and performance skills. It features articles, case studies, and tips from seasoned experts on effectively applying the Kirkpatrick Model and Kirkpatrick methodology. Each post is designed to provide practical advice and innovative strategies to help readers measure and increase the impact of their training initiatives. Whether you’re a new trainer or a seasoned L&D professional, the Kirkpatrick Blog is an essential resource for staying at the forefront of the industry.

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The Kirkpatrick Podcast is all about bridging traditions and trends in learning and performance evaluation. Join us as we dive into the Kirkpatrick Model like never before. Through stories and insights, we’re fusing time-honored methods with cutting-edge innovations to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of learning and performance evaluation.

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Kirkpatrick Case Studies

The Kirkpatrick Model has been used extensively to create impact in leadership development, onboarding, new product rollouts, technology changes, safety, security, change management, and other mission-critical initiatives.

Explore our sampling of our success stories. with the right knowledge and skills, we can empower people to make more meaningful contributions to their organizations.

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Whether you are new to the training industry or a seasoned veteran, get access to the newest Kirkpatrick free resources and stay current on the latest trends in training evaluation and business partnership.


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