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Kirkpatrick® Training & Events

Discover the first-class training and event options Kirkpatrick Partners has to offer, so you can confidently showcase the value of your key programs and initiatives.

Whether it’s talent development, leadership training, onboarding, change management, or a tech rollout, we’ve got you covered. The Kirkpatrick Model fits seamlessly with all programs.

Our Programs

  • Bronze Program Certification

    Get ready to craft a four-level program implementation and evaluation plan using the exclusive Kirkpatrick Blended Evaluation Plan® form and planning process. No matter your education or industry experience, everyone starts their certification adventure at the Bronze level.

  • Silver Program Certification

    Elevate your expertise in communication, collaboration, and partnership, supported by effective tools for turning plans into action and seamlessly monitoring progress and results.

  • Gold Program Certification

    Share your insights publicly to celebrate your achievements and improve the industry.


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Your Crash Course in the Kirkpatrick Model – The Kirkpatrick Evaluation Toolkit

Your Ultimate Companion for Efficient and Effective Evaluation

Whether you’re just starting out, leading a lean learning team, or on a tight budget, this toolkit is crafted to empower your journey in program evaluation.

Unveil a world of knowledge, techniques, and customizable tools to transform your evaluation process.


Join our workshops to learn how to pinpoint the real goals of any program initiative.

You’ll learn tactics that influence on-the-job behavior and how to integrate elements that elevate workplace performance and overall results into your program planning process.

Presentations & Keynotes

Our presentations walk you through the basics of why starting with desired results is crucial to the success of any initiative.

We’ll dive into the importance of influencing on-the-job behavior and explore elements of a program plan that enhance performance and boost bottom-line results.

Webinars & Conferences

Kirkpatrick Partners and Kirkpatrick Affiliates deliver free webinars and speak at virtual and in-person conferences around the globe! Join us at these events to learn more about why the Kirkpatrick Model always works and stay up to date with the latest Kirkpatrick topics. We look forward to seeing you at one of the many events we participate in yearly!


Whether you are new to the training industry or a seasoned veteran, get access to the newest Kirkpatrick free resources and stay current on the latest trends in training evaluation and business partnership.


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